The Offices of Jimmy Adams, Broker/Advisor

So what do you do ?

Gulf Pacific Financial and Development Services Inc.

Our company and organization works with and for a multitude of clients, in different situations, states and economic conditions. We are a Florida Corporation , licensed in multiple fields with a broad reach and access to a number of professionals in many disciplines.

Our company was started with the idea that advice should be easily accessible and not "sales-driven". There are enough sales people to wrap around the world, three times. We wanted to be different, to set ourselves apart, provide guidance and advice that removed the stress and frustration of getting to the "bottom line". My philosophy is; to be a servant first and let the rest will take care of itself.

The Benefits Advisors

Multiple agents, many states and a broad range of services and skills to meet the needs of a diverse population. No matter what your situation we have a broad range of experience in solving problems. At some point in your lifetime you will use and/or need some type of benefits, private, public or a combination of both.

How does Social Security work ? When do I get Medicare ? Why is health insurance so expensive ? What programs are available to offset these expenses ? How do I qualify for (fill in the blank) ? Call our office and lets set a time to meet, online, over the phone , in-person, technology can easily close the gap no matter where you are at. And remember, advising is very different than selling !!

Real Estate and Business Brokerage Services

No matter what or where you live, real estate is like water. Everyone uses it, you live in it, you buy it and you sell it. If you are self-employed the situation is compounded. Exiting a business or a home has many similarities, how and when you exit can make a world of difference.

Setting up a new business or a home is also a balancing act, experince can be expensive, great advice can save you a lot !! Markets change constantly, with the introduction of Federal, State and Local rules and regulations, entering and exiting real estate can be a mine field, most states govern the sale or a home or a business through their respective departments of Real Estate and the associated professionals licensed therewith.

We are often asked , "so who is your target client" answer never changes..............."people who are alive".